Adopt An Olive Tree

Adopt your own, authentic, Olympia olive tree, today!

Olympia and olive trees: a connection very deeply rooted in this sacred land and its people.
The olive tree has been almost a synonym of Peace, Honour and Unity since ancient times. And it still is, today. This is mostly thanks to Olympia and the Olympic Games.

Olive oil, the juice of its fruits, was a treatment for the body and soul of athletes. And the olive tree branch was the ultimate prize for the “Olympionikes”, the victors, considered heroes and honoured in their Cities them, for life.

And now, you can also connect with this tradition!

Be part of an eternal legend!
The “Adopt an Olympic Olive Tree” Initiative is intended to protect centuries-old olive groves, here in Olympia, and the land that nurtures them, and support those who still cultivate these priceless olive trees humbly, with respect to their heritage.

And it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your loved ones, to be an active part of this glorious journey through legends and History, still living today!


Your benefits and privileges

Your contribution to this noble cause, will be rewarded with unique privileges, somewhat like an athlete of the ancient Olympic Games:

An olive tree will be named after you, or someone you choose,

You will receive an “Olympian Olive Tree Certificate”, signed in the name you gave us,

The exact coordinates of your tree, will be on this certificate,

You may visit your tree, any time,

We will regularly send you information and photos regarding the life cycle of your tree, and

You will receive 2 glass bottles of 500 ml of Premium “Olympia Protected Geographical Indication” extra virgin olive oil, along with a pack of 250gr Kalamata olives and an olive oil soap. So, you can treat your body and soul with products of the olive grove you are protecting.

All these will be sent directly to your home, or to an address of your choice.

The special price for all nature lovers who want to be a part of the “Adopt an Olympic Olive Tree” Initiative, is €120 per year only!


You can make your contribution in two simple steps:

  1. Fill out the form below, giving your details or those of the person you wish to offer this glorious gift to.
  2. Make a €120 payment, by credit card or by bank deposit.

Adopt An Olive Tree Form