Educational Guided Tour

Educational Guided Tour

Upon arrival at the farm, guests will receive a welcome drink of white wine and a generous piece of a traditional olive pie. They will then be accompanied to a seated area amidst olive trees.

Here visitors will be able to observe olive harvesting equipment and tools, along with information about all that happens to the olive tree, beginning with pruning in spring through flowering and harvesting in late autumn. With specific description about the olives, for example the Koroneiki variety, which is the most important variety for oil production and olive groves.

Detailed information on how this great Greek nutritional product is created from the olive tree will start with the growing process all the way through storage and bottling. Concluded by a thorough explanation of the history of olive oil manufacturing in Greece through time. With major focus on this particular regional area and the farm’s own family methods.

In addition, the process of managing and harvesting grapes will be explained. This includes the techniques and technology used for grapes collection, transportation and the crushing process for turning grapes into juice and subsequently into wine. The farm’s vineyards include the black grape variety Cabernet Franc and the green-skinned grape variety Sauvignon blanc.

The farm also produces its own blend of red/white wines, by joining the known varieties with local varieties; for instance Nemea Ag. Georgitiko for red wine and Asyrtico for white wine.


A technical and comprehensive lecture on both the production of olive oil and wine will be explained to visitors during the laboratory visit part of the tour.

To follow, visitors will be shown around the vegetable garden. This is where all of the farm’s organic vegetables are grown and later used to create ‘farm to table’ gourmet dishes, as well as the delicious Greek salad. Produce is plentiful with numerous tomato varieties, including cherry tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and much more. The organically grown vegetables are directly used at the farm to prepare exquisite delicacies, including savoury jams; pepper jam, chili & onion jam, tomato jam and a special Kalamata olive paste recipe.


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