Farm Show Room / Laboratory

Farm Show Room / Laboratory

This next part of the tour entails a visit to the farm’s laboratory.

Here is where the magic happens

All the machinery is stored here, as well as the farm’s products ready for processing and packaging. Guests will get a view of the oak wine barrels, used in winemaking to vary flavour, colour and texture of the wine.

The storage and bottling of olive oil will be looked at in detail. There will be a view of the estate’s 15.000lt capacity storage tanks, which are used to store the farm’s extra virgin olive oil, ensuring it never comes into contact with light or air. Of critical importance in the whole production process.

The packaging in the selling container is the last unit of operation. The tour includes a sight of Magna Grecia’s automated bottling facility and bottlers apparatus, used for bottling of smaller quantities. Ending with labelling, the last stage of the process. The importance of labelling, to ensure consumer safety and aesthetic quality will also be discussed.


The laboratory is also responsible for the production of “table olives”. The farm grows both green and black varieties, including Kalamata and Amfissa variety. Guests will get a chance to see an olive vat room, which is used for fermenting and curing the olives in order to make them palatable.

The production of infused oils, which is also carried out in the laboratory will be explained. This is the process of transferring scent and flavour into a carrier oil. Traditionally used to add flavour to cooking oils. It consists of an infusion of organic mixed variety of aromatic herbs (derived from our farm) either fresh or dried. Dried vegetables are also used to infuse the oil.

The tour includes a view of machinery used in vinification (winemaking), including mechanical crusher/destemmer. Used in the first step for crushing grapes and the production of must. A fermentation tank and oak wine barrels, are used in winemaking to vary flavour, colour and texture of the wine.

The laboratory is not only used for the production of nutritional goods. It is also used in the making of products for aesthetic purposes, using olive oil as its base ingredient. At the forefront of Magna Grecia’s production line are olive oil based cosmetics for healthy skin and olive oil based soap. The process of ‘saponification’, which involves the synthesis of soap from olive oil will be discussed in details.

Visitors will also be taught how the Luffa fruit is turned into sponges and learn the great health benefits that loofah scrubbing provides.

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