Farm To Table Culinary Experience

For the final part of the tour, all guests will be served with organically grown gourmet dishes, with the option of tasting/lunch/dinner menu.

All of the dishes are prepared freshly on-site, using raw ingredients derived from the farm. (Only the feta cheese used in the dishes is outsourced from a nearby farm).

Wholesome delicacies created at the farm includes the orange pork sausage, produced using a traditional recipe from Olympia.

The farm also offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals.

A great activity on offer to visitors (upon request), are on-site cooking classes, available for small groups (a maximum of 20 people per-session). Ladies from the local village will provide cooking lessons using the farm’s premium produce.

This is a unique experience. Guests will get the opportunity to master new dishes, learn cooking secrets and participate in cooking souvlaki, traditional Greek pies and everyone’s favourite tzatziki, all from scratch.

A fun and educational way to interact with some of the local people.


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Agriturismo Magna Grecia

Experience the authentic flavors of the Greek land tasting the extra-virgin olive oil, olives and wines that our family produces

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